The Most Important Supplements To Heal Gum Disease

When treating gum disease you must give it the same attention as you would any medical diagnoses.

Remember, gum health is whole health. Seldom will you find a dental professional willing to discuss what supplements you need for your gum health. Usually, the script goes something like this, “We can try deep cleanings first, but we may need to send you off to the periodontist.” Your hygienist will most certainly insist on your home-care routine. They will tell you to use a battery brush and urge you to floss, see my blog Flossing and Everything In Between.

However, when healing reversible gum disease, there is an entire picture of nutrition, lifestyle, and gum assisting supplements which should be addressed. To heal gum disease it needs to be treated like any other medical diagnoses where you would consider all options and all of your attention. Even when you do not have obvious symptoms of gum disease, which are often covert, if your hygienist warns you of gingivitis, take it seriously!

We now know how many diseases are linked to the P. gingivalis bacteria which causes gum disease, see my blog New Study: Gingivitis Causes Alzheimer’s. Currently, we know of over 500 different forms of bacteria living in the mouth. 25% of all healthy mouths have P. gingivalis which are lying dormant. Supplements can encourage the growth of healthy bacteria while helping your resistance to the gingivitis causing bacteria.

The bottom line is home-care cannot be ignored as the number one component in reversing gum disease. When you take supplements for your gums to speed up the healing process you also support other tissue in your body with inflammation.

The Most Important Supplements to Heal Gum Disease

  • CoQ10 is a heavily studied supplement to be considered as a bio-energizer in periodontal disease. It’s a powerful antioxidant which mediates inflammation in tissue throughout our body.
  • Vitamin K and Vitamin D work interdependently. Vitamin K is a potent vitamin against gum disease and if you have a deficiency it can cause bleeding gums. You would need to be sure your vitamin D levels are adequate first before you supplement with vitamin K to repair your gums.
  • Grape Seed Extract is 20-50 times more potent as an antioxidant than Vitamin C! While it heals your gums it also prevents the biofilm of plaque which causes gum disease.
  • Quercetin is a flavonoid which is found in fruits and vegetables. When taken as a supplement it’s synergistic with the grape seed extract and becomes a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
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Out of the many supplements on the market, in order for you to not be overwhelmed, I have narrowed them down to the best possible ones for your gums. Throughout my years as a hygienist, I have noticed a correlation between those who have a general high level of self care and healthy mouths. Making the decision to take supplements to heal your mouth is a step toward whole health.

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