People Are Losing Teeth; a poem by Cari Griffo

This poem represents my frustration for patients who can’t afford dental treatment due to our health care system.

I wrote this poem over twenty years ago but it still holds true to my frustration in witnessing patients inability to afford dental treatment. As I perform throughout the years, I increase the cost of a root canal from the original $800 to the current price.

Even in countries with universal health care, there are only five countries in the world which offer full dental coverage. As we discover more every day the link of periodontal disease to other diseases in our body it is difficult to understand how oral health can be compartmentalized as a separate entity from overall health. See my blog, New Study; Gingivitis Causes Alzheimer’s.

Oral health is whole body health. I look forward to the day where oral health is inclusive in general health and accessibility to treatment is a right for all.

People are Losing Teeth a poem by Cari Griffo