Scoping Out The Best Dental Clinics In Mexico

It is crucial you know the reputation of the dental clinic you choose in Mexico.

In my blog, Dental Tourism In Mexico; I’m All For You Saving Money, I discuss the story that led me to become engaged in dental offices in Mexico. I highly recommend you spend the time needed to research dental offices in Mexico. Schedule your appointment only after you feel one hundred percent comfortable.

Follow These Tips To Find The Best Dental Clinics In Mexico

1.Know the reputation of the dental clinic through word of mouth from at least three patients or use a professional referral service (which do not charge fees) such as Beyond Borders Dental (BBD) or Dental Destinations. I personally can recommend BBD because of my first-hand involvement with them; they’re a family-owned business which spends quality time in the clinics they refer to and give individual attention to clients, yet have limited locations in Mexico. If you’re wanting more choices, Dental Destinations actually uses offices all over the world, including Mexico. I do have some contact with them and I’m under the impression they do site visits to the clinics they refer to but to what extent I don’t know. It’s up to you to pick the patients or the referral agency’s brains!!! Ask tons of questions, of which many are below.

2.Ask about the credentialing of the dentists. Many dentists are attached to universities and teach their trade or are well known in their field. Sometimes dental clinics at the border have several dentists working there and you will be surprised at how young many of them are. You may want to ask for a highly experienced dentist to treat you, more frequently referred to as the senior dentists. Also, know you will not find dental hygienists or assistants in Mexican clinics. Even though they have graduated from university, dentists do all the assisting and cleanings on their own.

3. Ask about the dental materials they use, for example the nobility of the metal in their crowns, or when appropriate,  what brand names they use, for example for implants. There are offices in Mexico that use the exact same Implant materials we use here in the US, such as Nobel Biocare or Straumann. You can ask them if they will be prepared to show you the official label from the company, which they usually adhere to your chart. The Mexican government puts a cap on the mark-up from manufacturers of medical, dental, and pharmaceutical companies to control the costs, but they are the same products used here.

4. You may also want to ask if they use digital x-rays, which they should!!! A modern office should be computerized and have email. You should be able to email them your U.S. treatment plans and digital x-rays, and they should do the same for you per your request.

5. It’s a very good sign when the clinic has an office manager that speaks English. They should be able to guide you through the entire process of crossing the border to their office or if they have a driver to pick you up, and all the necessities to make your visit a success. A reputable office will provide you with a staff member who can answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable while you’re there. They should be able to explain the treatment plan and procedures with you as well.

6. Cleanliness is huge but you must not mistake it with simplicity. The offices I have experienced are extremely clean with the same autoclaves and sterilization techniques as the U.S.. You will see the same sterilization tubs of wipes you can find in operatories here. I have spent a lot of time in Mexico, and in general, from dental offices to restaurants, the bathrooms are some of the cleanest I have ever seen, anywhere, period. If the clinic is not clean, leave!!!

7. Ask about their warranties. Many offices guarantee their work and materials for 2-4 years.

8. Ask if the dental clinic can help process your dental insurance. It is a great sign if they are willing to help you and are advanced in doing so. Of course, you must first check with your insurance company about dental care coverage in Mexico.

The clinics in or near Mexico’s border towns are there to treat Americans, it is truly their intention. The dentists I have experienced in Mexico are authentic and genuine in their care for you and are much more heart centered than U.S. health care providers. They also tend to be more honest in their diagnosis, and in my experience, Mexican dentists can actually disagree with U.S. treatment plans which can be heavily over diagnosed, hence, turning work away. This saves you even more money!!

You may want to use caution in large border towns, such as Los Algodones, better known as “Molar City,” where the clinics are very competitive for your business. It’s extremely important you adhere to the above suggestions and I highly recommend a referral agency, as you could easily get swindled into an under-rated dental clinic in a place like Molar City. I hope this helps you to be the adventurer you are. Good luck!!